The Pokémon Company and P-Bandai have another incredible piece of Pokémon merch: the Gengar cushion, which has a long tongue you can sleep on, with your head stuck inside its mouth.

2021, right? Who would have guessed?
Everyone. We all guessed. We are only eight days into the new year, and yep, things are still terrible. I want to go crawl into a hole. In particular, a mouth-shaped hole thats attached to a large, purple pocket monster with glowing red eyes. And by golly, it sounds like other people want to do that, too.
Its just our luck, then, that The Pokémon Company and P-Bandai have announced a new, perfect piece of Pokémon merchandise: the Gengar cushion, which has space for your head to rest right inside the mouth which is literally a portal to hell and a pink, cushiony pillow of a tongue to lay on. The tongue is just around 5 feet, 5 inches long, so for me, at least, I can use a little bit of tongue to cover my toes. (Im partly regretting typing this.) For easy storage, the tongue can be rolled up and stuffed back into Gengars mouth.
Frankly, Im surprised no one had thought of this before. Unfortunately for most of us, its already sold out on the P-Bandai website, despite costing almost $300. According to Pokeshopper, a website that tracks Pokémon merchandise, the Gengar cushion sold out in just over an hour. Its unclear if P-Bandai will over another wave of pre-orders, sadly.
The Gengar pillow is absolutely reminiscent of Gengars Gigantamax form from Pokémon Sword and Shield. Its in this form where his mouth takes over most of his body., as noted in the Pokédex:
Rumor has it that its gigantic mouth leads not into its body, filled with cursed energy, but instead directly into the afterlife. It lays traps, hoping to steal the lives of those it catches. If you stand in front of its mouth, youll hear your loved ones voices calling out to you.
The other thing about Gengar is that, according to Pokémon lore, Gengar was once a human. In Pokémon Moon, Gengars Pokédex entry talks about the creepy cuties desire for a traveling companion, which is what its trying to do by taking the lives of other humans.
Man, Pokémon are cool.
Anyway, its clear that Im not the only one whod like to crawl into Gengars warm abyss. The internet is also very intrigued by the prospect. People are making memes and fanart for the piece of merchandise.
Premium Bandai is releasing a rather peculiar giant Gengar that has a long tongue that can be rolled out as a bed? After a stressful day at work or school, what better way to relax than umm…sleeping on Gengar’s soft plush tongue?
Release Date: June 2021
AitaiKuji (@AitaiKuji) January 8, 2021
Its a similar reaction that people on the internet had to another piece of Pokémon merchandise, the Metapod sleeping bag. P-Bandai also produced that perfect real-life cocoon to wrap up inside of. If theres one thing that P-Bandai does right, its knowing what the people want.