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On Thursday, Universal Studios Japan revealed that Super Nintendo World will miss its planned opening date of Feb. 4. Due to a “state of emergency” in Osaka, Japan, fans will need to wait weeks or months to adventure through the Mushroom Kingdom. Universal St…

Universal Studios Japans Super Nintendo World theme park was set to open on Feb. 4. But on Thursday, the company announced plans to postpone the opening, due to a COVID-19 spike and emergency declaration in the Osaka Prefecture. The park will now open sometime after Feb. 4, when the state of emergency is no longer in effect. Due to the nature of the pandemic, its entirely unclear when that will be.
This postponement comes less than a month after Nintendo devoted an entire Direct to the new theme park. Nintendo and Universal Studios Japan have spent the last year teasing fans about the park, revealing its fantastic looking food as well as its Mario Kart-themed ride, Koopas Challenge.
Universal Studios will eventually open a version of Super Nintendo World in both Universal Studios Hollywood and Orlando. The company hasnt given a timeline for these expansions and likely wont until the Universal Studios Japan version officially opens.
Its been a hard year for theme parks, as COVID-19 has proven it too dangerous to reasonably visit. But someday hopefully sooner rather than later the world will open back up again and we can finally get our hands on that Mario pancake sandwich.