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‘If he wants this sort of freedom he should drop all his titles,’ said Levin about Prince Harry

Prince Harry has been issued a stern warning about him speaking about domestic issues of the United States as he lives his new life abroad with Meghan Markle.
Royal author Angela Levin gave the Duke of Sussex an earful about his recent decision to speak out about the Capitol Hill riots in the US.
Talking to Express, she said: “If he wants this sort of freedom he should drop all his titles and take American citizenship.
“Of course having his titles has enabled him to do various lucrative deals but de cant or shouldnt have it both ways, she went on to say.
“I think Harrys decision to lecture anyone on how to live, what to do and who to vote for is a misjudgment. And even more so in the United States.
“He should also not do so while a member of the Royal Family and using his royal titles, she continued.
“And has prompted Americans to say quite rightly how dare the British Royal Family interfere in our lives and tell us what to do, she added.