New Zealand’s car insurance providers have been ranked in a new study.

New Zealands top-rated car insurance brands have been revealed as part of the inaugural Finder Awards.
Finder asked 1300 New Zealand drivers aged 18 and over about their car insurance to find out which provider is delivering the best service and value.
Participants ranked their current or most recent provider based on overall satisfaction, online experience, how easy their policy is to understand and how likely they are to recommend the insurer.
New Zealand drivers have rated their insurance providers and found a clear winner.
The highest ranking provider turned out to be Trade Me, pulling an overall score of 4.41 out of five and a recommendation score of 94 per cent.
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Second best was AA Insurance, with a 93 per cent recommendation rating, with State following with 85 per cent.
Trade Me was rated the best car insurance provider, beating heavyweights like AA and AMI.
Kevin McHugh, Finders publisher in New Zealand, said that smaller brands can sometimes deliver the best value.
As anyone who has ever purchased car insurance knows, policies arent cheap, so its important to ensure youre getting the best bang for your buck.
Kiwis want to know theyre purchasing a quality product from a reputable insurance provider, and our awards seek to recognise that.
Trade Me outperformed some of the bigger insurance names like AMI and State with a near-perfect recommendation score of 94 per cent.
AA Insurance and State were also top performers in the Finder Awards, both with high customer satisfaction ratings and recommendation scores, McHugh said.
The full ranked list of car insurance providers is below:
Brand Score / (out of 5) / Recommended

  • Trade Me (winner) / 4.41 / 94 per cent
  • AA (runner up) / 4.25 / 93 per cent
  • State (runner up) / 4.00 / 85 per cent
  • AMI / 3.98 / 84 per cent
  • BNZ / 3.84 / 84 per cent
  • Westpac / 3.71 / 76 per cent
  • Vero / 3.70 / 74 per cent
  • Tower / 3.65 / 70 per cent