The administration is seeking help in urging Republicans to get inoculated. But the president said he was not sure how much value there was in enlisting his predecessor.

Frank Luntz, a Republican strategist, said the best course for the White House would be to take the politics out of the issue.
What You Need to Know About the Vaccine Rollout
That means Joe Biden should be acknowledging what Donald Trump did to speed the vaccine to fruition, Mr. Luntz said. He has been working with the de Beaumont Foundation, an organization focused on improving public health through policy, to help encourage conservatives to get vaccinated.
I dont believe the Trump administration understood the role of communication, Mr. Luntz said, and I dont think the Biden administration understands what it means to communicate to Trump voters.
On Saturday, Mr. Luntz hosted a focus group of about 20 conservatives to hear from Tom Frieden, the former head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; Chris Christie, the former governor of New Jersey; and multiple Republican members of Congress.
Some of the conservatives on the call initially described the vaccines as rushed and experimental and the coronavirus as opportunistic and government manipulation. More than half of those on the call said their fears of getting vaccinated were greater than their fears of the virus.
But nearly everyone on the call said they had a more positive view on the vaccines after Mr. Frieden gave them five facts about the virus, including, The more we vaccinate, the faster we can get to growing the economy and getting jobs.
Mr. Christie emphasized how random the virus can be in how it affects different people, including younger adults. Not only did he and Mr. Trump get severely sick with it, but he also reminded the group that Hope Hicks, the 32-year-old former Trump adviser, was also very ill.