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“We don’t try to poke at the past”

Hailey Bieber has opened up about how she and Justin deal with feelings of jealousy in their marriage.
In a discussion on Ashley Graham’s Pretty Big Deal podcast, Hailey says the couple place a lot of importance on honesty and have now learnt how to communicate with each other calmly and effectively.
When asked if they ever get jealous, Hailey says: I feel like jealousy is a normal, natural, human feeling. Its going to happen, no matter who I like. If I could take the jealousy out of my body I would, but like, I cant and neither can anybody. 
I know that for somebody in his position, theres always going to be people that dont care that hes married and theyll try [to flirt with him] anyway. Im like, its just up to you not to let anybody think that they can get that far.
As for how they tackle arguments, Hailey says they dont try to poke at the past, adding: We have a thing about tone as well. Nobody wants to respond to somebody attacking you, or yelling at you, or raising their voice.” 
She explains: For him, a lot of it was tone, because when I get fired up, I get fired up. Im from New York and I get loud and I talk with my hands [hes] like a nice, relaxed Canadian guy.
In the same podcast, Hailey reveals she and Justin underwent premarital counselling to work through some hurts they caused each other when they were upset and jealous in the past.