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The Prime Minister will answer questions at a media stand-up.

Focus Live: PM Jacinda Ardern speaks to media after Covid case at Auckland AirportThe Prime Minister is visiting a South Auckland marae as confirmation of a new border case is revealed.
Speaking to media this afternoon, Jacinda Ardern said all of the signs point to it being a border worker coming in contact with planes from high-risk countries.
Ardern confirmed the person was fully vaccinated. They were regularly tested – the last time on the 19th.
She said she had always said there would be cases – “Australia accepts that”.
She had not spoken to Australia’s PM Scott Morrision – but Chris Hipkins has talked to the Australian Health Minister about the case.
Contact tracing is underway, she said.
The person was negative on the 12th – they were picked up during routine testing.
She said the person was working in a “high-risk” area cleaning planes.
“That is a place were workers… need to be tested and vaccinated,” she said, but also “thanked”.
On the border worker, Ardern said this was an important opportunity to say the vaccine is 95 per cent effective.
That means people can still get Covid, but it won’t be as bad as it otherwise would have been.
“It is working as intended … it’s doing it’s job,” she said of the vaccine.
She said people who have the vaccine will still get Covid; but they won’t get as sick and die.
She said the vaccine reduces the likelihood of passing on the virus. “The vaccine is saving lives,” she said.
She denied New Zealand has a leaky border, given the worker who has Covid was cleaning high-risk planes.
The stand-up coincides with an announcement by the Ministry of Health that a new border-related Covid case has been detected on the second day of the transtasman travel bubble.
The ministry revealed Covid-19 had been detected in a worker at Auckland Airport.
It said the usual protocol of isolating the case, interviewing them, and tracing their contacts and movements was now underway.
More information will be provided later today.
On Ihumatao, Ardern said it was not a botch up by the Government.
She said the land will be utilised for housing but there is a “large process to go through” before the house on the land is set up.
She said the funding was allocated as land for housing, but there is still a lot of work until the housing is built.
Ardern is at Papatnuku Kkiri Marae in Mngere, paying a special visit to a community food-sharing initiative Kai Ika Project, that focuses on reducing waste.
The initiative aims to change the way people perceive “waste” through recovering unwanted fish parts and sharing that with people who want it.
A filleting service processes catch and ensures anything that isn’t wanted is fully used.
In a Facebook post the project posted a picture of fish being smoked yesterday, saying it was preparing for a special visitor with a smoke-up of some fresh unwanted snapper and kingfish parts recovered from its filleting service.
“The biggest challenge with smoking fish is hiding it from the crew once it’s done,” it teased.
She will answer questions at a media stand-up at the end of the visit.