Former cop’s lawyer has explained what he wrote on his hand.

George Floyd murder trial: Jury finds Derek Chauvin guilty of murder. Video / Sky NewsBefore the jury delivered the verdict, former police officer and now convicted murderer Derek Chauvin wrote his lawyer’s phone number on his hand, in case he was found guilty and taken straight to prison.
The image of a handcuffed Chauvin being taken away from the courtroom has been going around the world and many noticed that he had something scribbled with pen on his left hand.
According to TMZ, his lawyer, Eric Nelson, explained that Chauvin wrote his number ahead of the verdict being read, because he knew that if he was found guilty of second-degree murder, he would be likely to have his bail revoked and be remanded straight into custody.
As a former police officer, Chauvin was knowledgeable about the sequence of steps in case of a guilty verdict and, as such, was able to prepare that detail, knowing he would probably be taken to jail without being able to talk to his lawyer first.
According to Nelson, Chauvin will want to discuss next steps with him, potentially looking at options such as an appeal of his verdict.
TMZ adds that, had Chauvin written the number on a piece of paper, it could have been confiscated from him.
The former cop was today found guilty on all accounts of the death of George Floyd, after he knelt on the man for nine minutes.