Strong winds blow the panels off the structure at Chinese resort.

This is the scary moment when a tourist was left clinging to the side of a glass-bottomed bridge after strong winds blew the panels off the structure in China.
The bridge is 100 metres above ground level and is in the Piyan Mountain resort near the city of Longjing.
The images were shared on the social media platform Weibo and unsurprisingly provoked a strong reaction from commentators.
This is basically one of my anxiety dreams played out in the real world, wrote one.
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Another exclaimed: Holy crap, that is terrifying!
A memorable day out, quipped another.
Chinese news agency Xinhua reported that emergency crews came to the tourists aid and he was taken to hospital following the ordeal. The resort is now closed while a safety inspection is carried out.
Tourists in China can’t get enough of glass bridges, with more than 2300 in the country.
It is home to the one-timetallest glass bridge in the world, the longest sea-crossing bridge on the planet, three of the top four longest suspension bridges, and the current worlds longest suspension glass bridge.
Meanwhile, in another part of the country, a video of a violent storm battering a cable bridge has gained worldwide attention.
A cable bridge in Guizhou, southern China, was damaged after being twisted into knots by strong winds during a storm.
The suspension bridge, which was empty at the time, is seen swinging wildly in the wind in the city of Guizhou.
The structure was badly damaged but managed to stay connected.