Amy Schumer jokingly calls Emma Stone ‘toxic’ on Instagram

Amy Schumers latest attempt at sarcastic humour has backfired online, leaving fans scratching their heads.The Trainwreck star, 40, took to Instagram over the weekend to jokingly slam pal Emma Stone off the back of the release of Disney’s Cruella.
“It’s well known Emma stone is a toxic person but @disneycruella is amazing!!” she wrote on her Instagram Story.
Schumer’s comment about the fiercely private actress sent fans into a frenzy, with many flocking to Twitter to question the truth in it.
Others were certain it was just an ill-thought-out joke.
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In a strange twist, the comedian also took mock-aim at John Krasinski and Emily Blunt, but deleted the post despite Krasinski seemingly being in on the joke.
“I loved every second of @aquietplacemovie even better than the first one which blew me away,” Schumer wrote.
“Amazing to be in a movie theatre!! And although Ive said for a long time I think Emily and John have a pretend marriage for publicity. But I still think you should see it this rainy weekend.”
Krasinski replied, “Thank you Amy! … for blowing up our whole marriage spot.”
Schumer deleted the post shortly after, and now neither the Emma Stone nor the Blunt/Krasinski posts are visible on Schumer’s page.
While Emma Stone is not on the social media platform, she’s been pictured with Schumer in the past, suggesting the two are indeed good friends.
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It’s not the first time Schumer has trolled another celebrity.
In December last year, Hilaria Baldwin, wife of actor Alec and mum of five, posted a photo to her Instagram cradling her son in her underwear.
Schumer then repurposed Baldwin’s photo, claiming it as her own. Reposting the pic to her 10 million followers, Schumer wrote: “Gene and I wanted to wish everyone a happy holiday season. Enjoy it with whatever family members are talking to you this year.”
Schumer’s tongue-in-cheek move tickled several celebs, who added appreciative comments – but it left Baldwin more than a little confused.
Responding to the photos, Baldwin called her out in a video message – which led many followers to twig that her Spanish accent was missing.
That’s when her heritage began to be called into question in one of the weirdest celebrity scandals in history.