The Late Late show host was the subject of an online attack by crude hoaxers

RTE star Ryan Tubridy was targeted by cruel online trolls who edited his Wikipedia page on Saturday.
The Late Late show host was the subject of an online attack by keyboard warriors who claimed the presenter was a horny b****x.
The crude hoaxers labelled him as an Irish broadcaster, a presenter of live sex shows on radio and television” in Ireland.
The trolls edited Ryans Wikipedia page on Saturday evening before it was changed back to factual content.
RTEs highest earner this week signed off as the Late Late breaks for summer.
Dubliner Ryan, 48, previously blasted online trolls who targeted guests on the flagship RTE chat show.
In March last year, he stuck up for actor Barry Keoghan who got online abuse for his appearance on the TV show.
Ryan said that trolls need to understand the consequences their words may have.
RTE star Ryan Tubridy (Image: Andres Poveda Photography)
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He told listeners to his RTE Radio One programme about Barry’s appearance: Unkind people were out and about on Friday night when we had Barry Keoghan and Niamh Algar [on the Late Late Show], Ryan explained.
From the moment I met [Barry], Ive become completely enamoured by him because hes one of lifes good people. Hes come through a rough run of things in his life but came out the other side with extraordinary class and star quality.
He has a strange way about him when he comes on the TV because he is nervous and he has this way thats just a little different.
Irish Sunday Mirror front-page story. 06/06/21. Ryan Tubridy hit by cruel trolls in online attack.
He came on, did the interview and he was just magnificent. The mean people, I dont know if you are one of those people who make comments online about people like Barry or whatever, just know this you think youre going to be smart and you think you might be funny, but youre not.
Youre actually being cruel and youre being nasty, and youre being reductive and youre being everything we shouldnt be as human beings.
And in 2017, Tubridy returned to social media more than five years after he signed off from his @TubridyTweets account in 2011.
Tubs shocked his 60,000 then followers when he quit Twitter after growing weary of online trolls.
RTE have been contacted for comment.
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