Weird News

New details have been revealed in an interview.

In 2019, the furniture company said the classic big-box store would be coming to Auckland in “the next few years” while an online service would become available before the company moved to the South Island. 
“Were really looking forward to bringing the full Ikea experience to New Zealand, working in partnership with the local community to make IKEA a part of Kiwis life at home, starting with Auckland,” the company’s global chief executive, Jesper Brodin, said in 2019.
In an update last year, IKEA said there were plans for three physical stores. A large store would be in Auckland, a planning studio in Wellington and a smaller store in Christchurch. 
“While planning has been underway, we have also been getting to know more about life at home in New Zealand,” said Gardberg at the time. 
“Each year Ikea conducts Life at Home Research, the largest, most comprehensive and longest-running global investigation into topics relating to peoples’ life at home.”
In 2018 Ikea added New Zealand to this study.