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Some of us receive the odd private message from strangers on our socials, but one indecent request took a TikTok user by surprise. Valerie Tan uploaded a video on TikTok on June 11 when a man offered her $9,000 for a bukkake style three-hour photoshoot via In…

Some of us receive the odd private message from strangers on our socials, but one indecent request took a TikTok user by surprise.
Valerie Tan uploaded a video on TikTok on June 11 when a man offered her $9,000 for a bukkake style three-hour photoshoot via Instagram message. 
Bukkake, which broadly means splashing in Japanese, is a sexual practice, mainly found in porn, where several men ejaculate on a woman’s face. 
Tan’s video garnered more than 170,000 views and almost 450 comments with some users commenting they were solicited with the same message, and even offered up to $18,000 for the photoshoot. 
“At first I thought it was just a weird photoshoot proposal and shared it as it was funny,” the National University of Singapore student who reads political science told AsiaOne on Tuesday (June 22).
It was only after receiving comments and messages from almost 10 women, who were solicited similarly, did the 22-year-old realise and said that “this was more dangerous than it seemed”.


#stitch with @valerie✨bubbletea🧋 I wasn’t ever gna do it but I’m still grateful for girls warning me and I’m posting this to warn others too! #sgfyp

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Tan took to Tiktok again on Monday to warn others and also expose the Instagram user, who has since deactivated his account. “I wanted to warn other girls which is why I posted again to talk about it more seriously,” she told AsiaOne.
This is not actually a photoshoot. This guy is inviting you to do, like, porn, she said in the video.
In that same video, she also highlighted an Instagram story, uploaded on May 22, from fitness trainer Ivy Ng who was also solicited for a similar shoot via email on March 20.
The modus operandi was the same: fully-clothed bukkake concept, three-hour photoshoot for $9,000, the photographs only for the individual’s collection as well as a signed non-disclosure agreement.
Out of curiosity, Ng replied to the email with a list of questions and received a reply which outlined details of the photoshoot such as the number of participants (60 men) and her attire. His final offer for the photoshoot was $22,500.
The 26-year-old told AsiaOne: “Many women are harassed all the time but they are not comfortable speaking out or are unsure if it is something to be concerned about even if they are made to feel uncomfortable.
“No one should be made to feel uncomfortable or victimised, especially because of our gender or sexual orientation.” 
Ng added that she made a police report on March 30 and according to her, on May 22, the police told her they found the man who sent the email and had given him a warning.
The police confirmed with AsiaOne that a report was lodged and they are looking into the matter.
Under the Undesirable Publications Act, if a person takes obscene photographs in order to supply or distribute them to others, he or she can be fined up to $2,000 and/or jailed for up to two years.