“i have a hard exterior to protect myself”

Dixie DAmelio has opened up about her relationship with Noah Beck after a fan questioned her feelings for him.
The couple recently took part in a lie detector test on YouTube, with some people claiming Dixie was more distant than Noah in the clip. When a fan posted a tweet accusing her of treating Noah badly, Dixie insisted she loves her boyfriend with her whole heart.
After deleting the conversation from Twitter, Dixie revealed that she talked to the girl in question and says they both apologised to each other. 
In a later tweet, she seemingly made reference to being hurt in the past: i have a hard exterior to protect myself…i would be dumb not to at this point.
i have a hard exterior to protect myself…i would be dumb not to at this point
— dixie (@dixiedamelio) December 14, 2020
Dixie then responded to a fan who said she has a feeling that [Dixie and Noah] will get married someday, replying: “me too.”
Back in November, she opened up about going official with Noah during her 2 Chix podcast: I am public with [him], which is really cool [but I] did not want it to come out the way that it did.
I was happy and mad at the same time. I was mad that I didn’t get to make the decision because I like being in charge and making all my own decisions, but it was also kind of cute because I know he really cares about me and it was nice and I’m happy with it.”
Do you think Dixie and Noah are endgame?