“I’ve just been taking pictures on my iPhone of flowers”

Demi Lovato has opened up about finding a newfound passion for photography during the coronavirus pandemic.
In an interview on US breakfast show Today, she reveals that focusing on the hobby has been beneficial for her mental health: I think the most important thing that I’ve learned [from this year] is how much I am okay with myself and loving myself.
Giving advice to fans who might be struggling to stay positive, Demi says: I would say explore, because it wasn’t until this year that I started exploring things that bring joy to my life in little ways.
I got into photography, I’ve just been taking pictures on my iPhone of flowers! Oh my god, [it’s the] simple things that ended up bringing me a lot of joy, so you just have to keep stimulating yourself in order to just become the best version of yourself.”
She explains: “I feel like I have the most confidence when I’m working on myself. I’m reading so many books, like, at once, which has never happened. I am not a reader! That’s when I feel the most confident, when I feel like my smartest self.”
In August, Demi penned an open letter for Vogue revealing that her anxiety initially skyrocketed during self-isolation. She later realised that one positive aspect of the pandemic is that a spotlight is finally being shone on mental health issues.
Have you taken up any unexpected hobbies during the pandemic?