Supplies of food and vaccine at risk as France takes lead in halting flights, while Canada joins growing list of states announcing a UK ban

US officials however signalled they were holding off on the move for now.
In a sign of the growing concern within the Government, Boris Johnson will on Monday chair a meeting of the emergency Cobra committee to discuss “the steady flow of freight in and out of the UK”, Downing Street said.
The Road Haulage Association (RHA) warned, however, that plans by France alone to shut its border for at least 48 hours threatened “enormous disruption” to vital food and trade supplies.
Rod McKenzie, RHA director of policy, said that even though France would allow freight to leave for the UK, lorries would not be able to return. 
He added: “Trade is a two-way street, what goes out, comes back and visa versa. So any disruption to free-flowing goods at this time of year will have severe consequences.” 
The Port of Dover on Sunday night announced it would be closed to traffic leaving the UK “until further notice”.