We have a coronavirus vaccine, but normal life is still some way off. In the meantime, here are the big issues facing us in the months ahead

By Michael Le Page
, Clare Wilson
, Donna Lu
, Graham Lawton
and Adam Vaughan
People enjoy the sun while social distancing in Melbourne, Australia, in October 2020 after restrictions eased
Darrian Traynor/Getty Images
IF 2020 felt hellish, be warned that we aren’t out of the fire yet, even if we are moving in the right direction. Welcome to 2021, aka purgatory.
There is little doubt that vaccines hold the key to ending the pandemic. A recent modelling study predicted that vaccinating just 40 per cent of US adults over the course of 2021 would reduce the coronavirus infection rate by around 75 per cent and cuthospitalisations and deaths from covid-19 by more than …